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Watch Kinnporsche The Series Episode 13

Kinnporsche The Series Episode 13

Kinnporsche The Series Episode 13 : The Series is a 2022 Thai action romance drama television series written by Demi, based on the web novel of the same name. It stars Phakphum Romasathong (Mile) as Kin and Nattawin Wattangittiphat (APO) as Porsha. The series follows Porsha, desperate to make money and take care of her younger brother, as she is drawn into Kinn’s mafia underworld.

The series is directed by Kongkit Komesiri (Khome), Krisda Vittakhjorandet (Talav), and Banchorn Vorstari (Pepsi). It premiered on 2 April 2022 on One31, airing every Saturday at 23:00 ICT (11:00 PM).

Kinnporsche The Series Episode 13 essence

Kin Anakin Therpanyakun, the second son and rightful heir of the Therpanyakun crime family, is attacked on his way home from a business deal. While running for his life, he bumps into Porsha Pachra Kittisawat, a local bartender and underground fighter. Relatives pay Porsha to protect her from people trying to kill her. Impressed by Porsha’s fighting ability, Kin seeks her out for a job.

In order to earn enough money to send his younger brother Porche to university and keep him at his dead parents’ house, Porche reluctantly agrees to become Kinn’s full-time bodyguard. Over the next few months, he improves his fighting skills and learns about the dark underworld he now belongs to, but begins to fall in love with his charismatic boss.

Despite Kinn being openly gay, the road ahead for the two lovers is not easy. The younger branch of the family, ruled by Qin’s uncle, is desperate to gain control. Her father is in poor health, her older brother suffers from PTSD, and her younger brother is a rising star; The mystery of the untimely death of Porsha’s parents also seems to be somehow connected to the Therapanyakun family.

Actors and characters
Phakphum Romasathong (I) is Kin Anakin Therapanyakun, the second son and heir to the main branch of the Therapanyakun crime family.
Nattawin Wattangitiphat (APO) as Porsha Pachara Kittisawat, a local bartender and underground fighter.
Pasin Chahanding as a young Porsche

Vichapas Sumetikul (Biblical) Vegas Cornwit as Therapanyakun, the eldest son and direct heir of the secondary branch of the Therapanyakun crime family.
Jakapan Putha (Binding) Pete Phongsakorn Sangatham, Tankhun’s chief bodyguard and Porsche’s roommate at the Therapanyakun compound.
Worakamol Satur (Jeff) as Kim Kimhan Therapanyakun, Kin’s pop star younger brother who shows disinterest in the family business, but is secret as ruthless as his father and brother.
Porsha Pichaya Kittisawat, Porsha’s younger brother Tinnasit Isarapongporn (Barcode) trying to get into a prestigious music program at university.

People around Porsche
Patriot Lamluan (Sprite) as Yoke, the owner of HUM Bar, where Porsha is his star bartender.
Tchawit Kulcranchang (Ping) as Jom, Porsha’s friend.
Pongsakorn Ponsentigul (Pong) as Tame, Porsha’s friend.
Thanavathe Sirivatnagul (Gap) Arthi, Porsha, and Porsha’s uncle who is addicted to gambling.
Sarucha Phongsongkul (Anita) Namphueng as Kittisawad, Porsha and Porsha’s mother.

People around relatives
Nititorn Akkarachotsopon (we) is a friend of Tay, Kin who is in a relationship with Time.
Chalach Tantijibul (JJ) is Time, Kinn’s friend who is in a relationship with Tai.
Nuthasid Panyagram (not) as Big, Kin’s bodyguard who is later handed over to Kim.
Ken, as Kin’s bodyguard, Nail Scri (Perth).
Nafat Vikarungroj (Na) as Tavan, Kinn’s ex-lover.

Therapanyakun main family
Rungnophakunsri (Cob) is sung as Korn Therapanyakun, Kin’s father and head of the Therapanyakun family. Kun’s older brother.
Thanayut Thakoon-Outtaya (Tong) is Thanakhoon Therapanyakun, Kin’s eccentric older brother who has PTSD and no longer wants to rule the family.
Aswapatra Ponpibun (Bass) Arm, Tankhun’s bodyguard, and Therapanyakun are the most tech-savvy of the bodyguards.
Yosatorne Konglikit (Job) as Pol, one of Tankhun’s bodyguards.
Peter is Night Chan, Korn’s bodyguard and leader of all Therapanyakun bodyguards.

A minor family from Therapanya
Piya Vimuktayon (former) Kun Therapanyakun is Korn’s younger brother and Kinn’s uncle, who is at odds with the main branch of the family. Father of Vegas and Macau.
Nannakun Pakpatapornpob (ta), as Makao Therapanyakun, is the second and youngest son of the secondary branch of the Therapanyakun crime family.

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